Troll 1.1

Help the troll hero break down the orcs' caste
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Keep bouncing the projectiles into the castle's walls to drive the evil orcs away and slave the enslaved villagers. Play through the many available levels and use your skills to get rid of the 40 monster and five nasty bosses that oppose your liberating ways.

Troll is an arcade game created by the small game developer Rake In Grass. As with many other games by this company, Troll is a twist of an old arcade game, in this case Araknoid. There is a cute background story as well. In medieval times, the villagers were being prosperous and happy, until a horde of orcs decided to settle next to the villages and built huge castles. From these castles came horrible monsters that brought terror to all the villagers. So, unable to protect his people, King Uterus (no kidding, that's his REAL name!) flees to exile. In the high mountains he meets a troll (you) that agrees to help the villagers. The game is really simple: there is a dragon spitting out fireballs that you must knock into the orc's castle. Every once in a while a horror will come out of the castle and you stand between it and the villagers. You must prevent the destruction of the village while destroying the castle. It sounds nice, but unfortunately the controls feel weird, the dragon balls are too random (and the sound too annoying). It gets repetitive, even during the same level you are playing in. There are better arcade games out there, although this might attract some people.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Good theme
  • Nice twist of the araknoid gameplay


  • Repetitive and annoying sounds
  • Weird feeling
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